Buying a Home: 8 Common Mistakes

April 07, 2020

Buying a Home: 8 Common Mistakes

Are you Planning to Buy a House? Here's What Not to Do!

Buying a property is an important step in life and comes with its share of stress. It is undoubtedly because of this and also due to a lack of knowledge, that certain errors can be made by buyers. Some mistakes are of little consequence while others have a real negative impact.

In order to allow you to start shopping without fear of being disappointed with your next real estate acquisition, RE / MAX has prepared a list of the most frequent blunders made by buyers.

1- Not Taking into Account Noises or Odors

It’s not uncommon that once settled in their new home, owners discover that their environment is unpleasant. This can be attributed to the proximity of a farm, a factory or a dump. Others get settled near a recreational airport without realising that the noise of the engines of small planes can be quite irritating. Others become bothered by the heavy trucks that pass by nearby every day. Take the time to observe the desired neighborhood.

2- Minimising the Impact of the Daily Commute

Some people who have never experienced rush hour hell may be tempted to buy a property in areas heavily affected by traffic. Our advice is to experience the journey you’ll embark on each day, to see if it’s manageable. It’s also important to check public transport accessibility in that area, an excellent solution to avoid traffic jams, and reduce your ecological footprint.

3- Relying on the Municipal Evaluation

When it comes to the sale or purchase of a home, the municipal assessment should not be taken into account. This amount has nothing to do with the market value of the property. For example, you might think you got a good deal by buying a home for $ 15,000 below the municipal valuation, when in reality it’s worth much less.

4- Putting all your Money into the Down Payment

It’s important to raise the down payment needed to buy a home. However, it shouldn’t swallow all of your savings. Once you’ve moved into your new home, there’ll be costs to be expected such as the Welcome Tax, but also expenses such as the purchase of furniture or the repair of the fence. Nobody wants to incur debt for these items!

5- Neglecting to Read the Seller's Declaration Carefully

Your love at first sight for a home can turn into disappointment if you only skim through the seller’s declaration. Some troublesome elements that were not disclosed during the visits may be hidden in it. By law, this document must be completed, in all honesty, by the seller. He must indicate whether he is aware that a room has already been used for growing cannabis, that the house has suffered water damage, that there have been infestations of critters, etc. These statements, written black on white, are therefore no longer hidden defects! Careful reading of the seller's declaration will allow you to make an informed decision.

6- Not Projecting Yourself into the Future

Predicting the future is difficult, but you can still plan ahead and choose a house still suitable further down the road. After all, no one wants to move often. Will you need an extra room to accommodate a baby or an aging parent? To set up your at-home office? Would you like a more intimate backyard? A garage to tinker in? A quieter neighborhood? It’s up to you to envision it!

7- Relying on a Friend to Perform the Inspection

A building inspector usually has comprehensive training that allows him to do a state of the art inspection. It’s better to entrust this task to a professional rather than a relative. This could avoid unpleasant surprises such as a problem that does not fall under the “hidden defects” category, since it could have been detected during this stage.

8- Not Getting Pre-Authorised for a Mortgage

You could be wasting valuable time shopping for properties in a certain price range when you could afford a larger amount or, conversely, a smaller amount. It’s best to ask a banking institution how much it would be willing to lend you before you start shopping.

Another mistake would be not to use a real estate broker for this important purchase. Brokers are trained to help you find the home of your dreams and to negotiate its price accurately. They are able to highlight the negatives and positives of each property. They also know how to complete the necessary documents so that everything is in order.

We wish you a hassle-free real estate purchase! 

Source : RE/MAX Québec

Eight Tips for Finding a Good Home Inspector

April 07, 2020

Eight Tips for Finding a Good Home Inspector

How to Choose a Building Inspector for the Purchase of a House?

When looking for a new home, the best way to find out the general condition of the desired property is to have it inspected by a professional. But how do you choose the best one so that this stage takes place according to best practices?

In the world of building inspection, many candidates boast of being able to take on this important task but you should know that some are more qualified than others. Here are tips for finding the right one!

Ask for References

Often when it's time to carry out an inspection, we are pressed for time. It may be tempting to pick an inspector at random. However, it’s best to see this pre-purchase step as if you were an employer looking to hire an employee to take care of an important task. With this in mind, asking for references from former clients is entirely appropriate. You’ll be able to enquire about their satisfaction and thus validate your final choice.

Choose him According to His Expertise

Did you know that some inspectors specialise in century-old homes? Some in very large condominium buildings? Some in cottages near rivers? Or, that others are experts in neighborhoods often contaminated by pyrite or buildings built on unstable soil? These inspectors are therefore more alert to the different problems or realities of their field of expertise. If the property to be inspected has no particular feature, simply choose an inspector who lives in the same area.

Read One of His Previous Reports

Before hiring an inspector, ask them to provide you with an inspection report they previously did. You will be able to see if he is professional and judge if he has an attention to detail, if he can clearly express the points raised and if he has omitted to speak of certain aspects (piping, insulation, roofing, ventilation, etc.). ). Beware of reports written with general and impersonal sentences: each house is unique and you should feel it when reading the document.

Find Out About His Execution Time

An inspector who assures you that he will hand you the final document the same day and who stays on the property for about an hour is probably not very meticulous. Usually, it takes a minimum of two hours of inspection to go around a medium-sized house. In addition, the report is not likely to be detailed if it’s produced quickly. Beware!

Rely on Word of Mouth

Another tip is to chat with your loved ones. You could make good use of your social networks by asking your acquaintances to recommend a good candidate. Various people assure you that Inspector Tremblay was able to identify problems, which enabled future buyers to negotiate downward? This professional is undoubtedly competent.

Consider His Training

Usually, a trusted building inspector has a college or university degree in a building related field. Many are engineers or architects by training. Some even have degrees in inspection. Hiring an acquaintance who works in the construction industry, but who does not specialise in inspection is not the best idea.

Does He Have an Insurance Policy?

An important point to consider is whether the coveted inspector has professional liability insurance covering errors and omissions. Ask to see the document confirming this. You could even contact the insurance company to verify that everything is in order. This insurance will allow you, for example, to claim sums from him in the event of defects not listed during the inspection. Homeowners have already found themselves in a nightmare because they had hired someone who did not have the proper insurance policy.

Check for Past Prosecutions

In Quebec, it is possible to know if a professional has been prosecuted or sentenced following a poorly performed inspection. You can consult the website of the Société québécoise juridique juridique (SOQUIJ) or contact the Office de la protection du consommateur.

Qualified building inspectors often do this job full time and are in high demand. They are therefore rarely available quickly. This is why it’s better to plan a period of ten days for the execution of the inspection when signing the promise to purchase. Also, don’t hesitate to hire a professional who inspires confidence in you, even if it’s more expensive. Good luck with your search! 

Source : RE/MAX Québec

Eight Quick and Trendy Design Updates for your Home

April 07, 2020

Eight Quick and Trendy Design Updates for your Home

Don't Have Time to Renovate? Here are Some Ideas that can be Executed in no Time.

Do you have only one free weekend this year? This is all you need to carry out hassle-free renovations that will have a great impact on your interior design.

You don't have to take down walls and revamp everything to modernise your home and impress your guests. Sometimes it just takes a few improvements. Here are some ideas that won’t take you more than two days to accomplish.

Change or Remove Handles

Replacing the handles of kitchen cabinets or home furniture is one way to update their look. They’re found in all price ranges and in all styles, whether contemporary, rustic or classic. However, you should know that the latest trends do away with handles altogether. Opt for no-hardware cabinets that pop open with a slight push. If you fancy this latest innovation, remove the handles, sand and repaint as needed. Or, install new doors with a push and pop mechanism.

Swap Glossy for Matte Finish

Did you know that glossy finishes are no longer the fad? This is why eliminating them from your decor allows for a more contemporary look. To do this, you can apply a matte adhesive film to the doors of furniture or glossy cupboards. You can also sell or give away your shiny decorative items and replace them with more trendy ones.

Get New Fixtures

To add character to a house, lighting is key. Classic, bohemian, old-fashioned, luxurious ... lighting blends in with the decor or, on the contrary, highlights it. Don’t hesitate to mix styles to make your space more dynamic. The most fashionable lighting fixtures are those boasting curves or eclectic shapes.

Change the Mirrors

One of the most overlooked home accessory is the mirror. Probably because we view it as a utilitarian object rather than a decorative one. Often it lacks personality and adds nothing to the design of a room. However, there’s a wide array for all tastes, each one more beautiful than the other. Want to warm up the bathroom decor? Install a mirror with a wooden contour! Are you looking to add light to the decor? Opt for a pale outline that reflects light. Would you rather give your layout a more dynamic appeal? Incorporate textured, colorful and round frames!

Paint a Wall in a Dark Shade

Design professionals are unanimous: dark colors are definitely in. Integrating them into our decor is therefore a way of updating it. You don't have to change your cream sofa for a deep gray one or your olive kitchen backsplash for black tiles! Just choose an accent wall in a room and dare to paint it black or dark gray.

Remodel your Bathtub

Has your bathtub lost its original luster? It’s possible to make yellowed areas and ones where the enamel is damaged disappear. All that’s required is to strip it and paint it with a polyurethane paint. And while you're at it, choose a different shade (a black bathtub is a huge trend). Another possibility is to cover the bath with a prefabricated shell. Psst! Replacing the fixtures is also an effective moderniser!

Install a New Floor Covering

Certain rooms in a home deserve a new floor ... especially if it’s damaged or outdated! Don’t assume this task is difficult: even a novice can do it with a little resourcefulness. At this time, all types of floor coverings are popular, whether hardwood, laminate, ceramic or vinyl. There are so many options and there’s something for every taste.

Rethinking Window Coverings

Curtains, blinds, drapes ... your window coverings are no longer up-to-date? Window coverings alone can make or break the look of a room. For a foolproof look, turn to classic and timeless choices, like sheer curtains or white alternated blinds.

For decorating ideas, browse interior design blogs, websites and apps. The images could inspire you with other quick and easy renovations!

Source : RE/MAX Québec